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Emma Johnson and Co
Emma Johnson Business and Mindset Rapid Transformation Coach RTT
emma johnson coaching
Emma Johnson and Co
emma johnson coaching
Emma Johnson and Co

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A FREE library of Business Growth and Mindset Mastery resources to support your business growth. If you have been feeling confused, overwhelmed or not sure where to start then get immediate access to dozens of resources to help you.

Confidently run your Business

with Mindset, Branding, Systems and Strategy!

You’re ready to launch, grow or scale a business you’re excited about, but you’re unsure about the next step.

You have strength, skill, and determination.

You KNOW what needs to happen, but something is holding you back.

I can help.

We’ll unpack what’s keeping you stuck, do the inner work to grow your mindset, confidence and business, and intuitively create branding & support materials to connect you with the right clients and make your business shine.

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Hi there, I’m Emma

I help female coaches, therapists and service-based entrepreneurs, just like you, to confidently launch, grow and scale your dreams and ideas into successful online businesses free from fears, doubts and overwhelm.

From concept to consistent clients and cashflow, I help you define a brand vision that you are absolutely passionate about from logo design, brand board and website to being crystal clear on your clients, messaging and goals.

I help you to reignite your ultimate confidence and self-belief so that you get noticed online and then help you establish systems, strategy and automation to support your growth, leaving you feeling confident, professional and available to step into your genius zone and serve your clients.

How can I help?

What is Holding You Back from Your Next Business Move?

It takes more than hard work to grow your business. It takes drive, determination, and purpose.

You have those qualities. That’s how you got here. But something is holding you back from boldly moving forward with your goals.

Fundamental, subconscious blocks, trauma, and beliefs can cloud your vision and make you forget your purpose and power. When that happens, the next step can feel scary, overwhelming, and unclear. 

If you’re questioning your purpose or thinking about giving up, remember that you have important work to do in the world with your business.

Let’s clear up the confusion and find your
passion, purpose, and drive
so that you can lead your business to its full potential.

You’re Ready to Grow. I’m Ready to Help.

Something is holding you back that you can’t quite put your finger on. 

It is my mission to help you identify and move past it so you can grow your business.

I combine therapy with business coaching, marketing strategy, and tech support to help YOU grow with purpose, confidence, and clarity.

Step into Your Dream Role as a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

Bespoke business services to help you find peace, ease, and confidence in business and self. Let’s find and design the next step together, from concept to consistent cashflow and clients.

Rapid Transformational Therapy™


Life Coaching

Business Coaching


Logo Design

Website Design

Niche and Brand Design

Social Media Attraction Marketing

17hats / Dubsado Client Management

Email Automation

Social Media Strategy and Automation


Online Courses in Business & Self Mastery | FREE resources and community connections

How We Can Work Together

It takes more than money, ideas, and simply passion to grow a business. 

It takes systems, support, mindset tools, and most import of all, but most overlooked: deep inner work.

reclaim your mindset and remember your path

I use proven methods to help you work through your blocks and doubts in a confidential, therapeutic setting.

Create Beautiful, Intuitive Branding Materials

We’ll collaborate to create your next business move, with web design and branding to match your new mindset.

Gain Confidence to Continue on Your Own

I am here to support you as long as you need me, but my goal is to leave you feeling so confident and aligned in your purpose that you don’t need me anymore.

Want to work with me 1:1

This is for you if you are serious about finding confidence, clarity and self-belief, and you need to do it right away.




It’s time you kicked self-doubt to the curb.

You have everything it takes to launch, grow, and serve.

You deserve to fully embrace your ambition. 

You deserve to act on those ambitions with confidence and clarity. 

And you deserve support and strategy each step of the way.

Stop letting your fears run the show. 

Run your business with confidence.

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