Just what you need to …

onboard & manage your web design clients with ease

Make onboarding and managing your website design clients a breeze with the complete website design client onboarding pack.

Combine a comprehensive Trello, web design project board broken down into strategic lists, cards, tasks and prompts to with proven invoice, contract and email templates to make your client experience enjoyable and simple.

Take all of the guess work out of organising your web design process

Use these strategically designed and tested planning and onboarding templates to organise all aspects of your website design process.

Your client experience begins the moment your client decides to work with you. So impress them with a professional onboarding process that has them wowed at every step.

From the professional invoice and contract through to the welcome emails and clear onboarding instructions, this web design client pack has you covered.

And when it comes to gathering all of the information that you need to bring a website to life, you and your clients will love the Trello Web Design Project Board.

Broken down into manageable bite-sized steps with clearly defined prompts, your web design clients are going to absolutely love working with you to bring their website to life.

Clear tasks, strategic prompts, checklists and space for you to link to all of your web design assets, creating your next website will be simple and fun …

are you ready for an easier life?

You will have immediate access to …

The Website Design Client Onboarding Pack

Trello Project Management Board

Each phase or your website design process is broken down into strategic tasks, with helpful prompts, checklists and suggestions to make gathering together all your web design assets super simple for both you and your clients.

Step-by-step installation instructions

Regardless of whether you or your clients have used Trello before or not, I have provided written and video instructions to walk you through installing and using the templates on your own account.

Essential onboarding documents

Your client experience starts even before you start work. You will also have access to invoice, contract and complete email sequence templates along with a sample welcome video, welcome pack swipe file and sample onboarding questionnaire.

Don’t miss out on the

Website Design Client Onboarding PAck

Are you ready to see results?

The website design client onboarding pack is absolutely perfect for you if …


you want to streamline your website creation process without forgetting any of the essential steps


you want to be organised and have all of your website creation plans and assets readily available in one easy to access place


you want a strategic, proven, step-by-step framework to follow that removes all the guesswork


you love the idea of being organised but don’t want the hassle of setting up the systems on top of bringing in new clients

Client love

"I've never felt so successful"

The growth trajectory for my business has been invaluable. I’ve never felt so successful and am now feeling confident in the business that I’m building. I feel more assured in my skills as a business owner and the ability to provide value to my clients. Emma’s confidence, warmth, proven track record of success made this course a no-brainer. I have loved seeing everything come together and now feel so much more clear and confident about my business.


I've come so far after feeling so stuck

I’ve come so far after feeling so stuck. The level of knowledge, resources and support is unparalleled, the fit around my complex life is perfect. Emma’s positivity and support, the resources and way things are communicated in the videos is fab.


Don’t miss out on the

Website Design Client Onboarding PAck

in case you were wondering …

What exactly is included?

Trello planning template

Video and written installation instructions

Sample Invoice

Sample Contract

Sample Client Onboarding Questionnaire

Email Swipe copy

Sample Onboarding Welcome Video

Is this just a blank Board or will it help me and my clients to organise the web creation process?

There is nothing plain or boring about this client onboarding pack.  I am not one for fluff!

Each document, email, board and prompt has been strategically designed to walk you and your clients effortlessly through the process of creating a website.

Each list within the Trello board is also broken down into tasks with hints, prompts, questions, checklists and organisational tips to ensure that your web design process runs like clockwork.

Do I need to have a paid Trello account?

No, these templates can be used on a free Trello account.

Can I edit these templates?

Absolutely, although I don’t think you will want to!  I have poured my years of experience into these templates.

They are the exact process that I run through for every website design client. 

But just in case you want to make tweaks I have provided you with a guided video to make sure you can do this confidently.

How long will it take me to install these templates?

You will need about 3 minutes to install the templates! Obviously if you are completely new to project management systems and you don’t yet have an account you may need a couple more minutes, but I have provided you with step my step video and written instructions, you watch me go through the exact process in a matter of minutes.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature and immediate delivery of these products we do not offer refunds, so please ensure that you have read the details fully before purchasing.

This does not affect your rights under Australian Consumer Law.

What if I have another question?

No problem, just drop us an email to support@emmajohnsonandco.com and we will be happy to answer that for you.

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your professional website design client onboarding pack

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