Are you ready to activate your business success and magnetise your ideal clients?

Emma Johnson Black Friday Success Activator

Do you: 

Constantly feel like you are not good enough?

Feel like something is blocking you from achieving the success you really deserve?

Struggle with perfectionism and worry what people will think about you?

Constantly compare yourself to others being successful and wonder what they have that you don’t?

Wish you knew what to write on social media posts to attract dream clients without spending a fortune on ads?

Any of that sound like you?


Like most other women I work with, you’ve probably done lots of courses, read all the books and have been working on your mindset for some time now…..but still have that negative inner critic telling you you are not good enough, that you can’t be successful and you’ve almost given up hope.

Imagine going from constantly criticising and comparing yourself to others to really loving and accepting who you are, proudly sharing your unique gifts with the world and attracting your dream clients with ease.

Hold up! What was that sound?

That would be the sweet sound of your payment and booking notifications going off because you implemented the amazing powerful strategies jam-packed inside the Success Activator.

The only problem is, that right now, you are struggling to attract clients or make consistent income and you feel stuck. You are plagued with self doubt, procrastination and comparisonitus because you just don’t feel like you are, or know, enough.

The thought of staying stuck for another 6 months scares you. You need to make this business more successful, not just for you but for your family too.

The 6 week self-paced Success Activator programme will introduce you to the missing ingredient from any other programme or course you’ve done – the essential work you need to do to unlock and activate rapid success and the tools to attract clients with ease.

So What Do you Get inside the Success Activator?

Emma Johnson Black Friday Success Activator

This Value-Packed, 6 Week Course Includes everything that you could possibly need to Activate your Success in 2022:


✨  Limiting Beliefs Workshop – Identify all that is holding you back and step into your successful self. (Value $197)

✨  Manifestation and Activation Workshop – Don’t just dream about it, activate it. Set yourself up for success and bring it to life.  (Value $197)

✨  Unlock Your Ultimate Success Subconscious Therapy recorded session. (Value $297)

✨  Ultimate Success Activation imprint recording to listen to throughout the duration of the workshops (Value $97)

✨  Your Authentic You Workshop – get clear on who you are and what makes you stand out in the crowd. (Value $197)

✨  The Power of Vulnerability Workshop – How to build trust and empathy with your audience (Value $197)

✨  The Social Media Selling Secret Workshop – Craft your client magnetising story posts (Value $297)

✨  66 Success Activation Journaling Prompts (Value $27)

✨ Weekly feedback from ME on what you have been working on! (Value $999)

Total Value? over $2500

💝 Imagine feeling so good about yourself that you show up authentically and you are loved for it.

💝 Visualise posting one Facebook post and getting a ton of inquiries in your inbox

💝 What would it mean to you to have more clients and more income for your family?

💝 What would happen to your business if you finally let go of past ‘baggage’ that has been keeping you stuck and small?

💝 Picture being emotionally free to attract more clients, more success and more abundance.

Activate your Success Benefits

  •  Your 1000% belief that you are enough so that you stop holding yourself back in your business.
  • Get paid for making a difference and doing something you love
  • Be so magnetic to your clients that you get inboxes daily to work with you
  • Going from procrastinator to fast action taker
  • Financial freedom and inner peace
  • Learning my simple yet powerful strategies to attract more clients (past students have made thousands from ONE Facebook post using these techniques)

These are the exact results from clients who once felt the same way you do around not feeling good enough and struggling to gain more clients and more income.

That’s where the Success Activator can change your business and your life, taking you from feeling like a failure to believing you are more than enough and authentically attracting clients with a single Facebook post.

Each week a new workshop is released – each one providing huge transformation that will skyrocket your business success.

But it doesn’t end there !

As a special bonus you can submit your tasks by the end of each week for personal feedback from me.

Total Value? over $2500

So What Makes This Course Different?

Unlike other courses you may have worked through, the Success Activator combines the power of working with the conscious mind, subconscious mind, marketing psychology and proven online strategies to get you rapid results to achieve your own version of success.

When you go through the profound transformational journey within the Success Activator you will not only attract more clients and make more money, you will notice an impact on every area of your life. 

So put aside whatever beliefs you held about your success and get ready to welcome in all that you desire,

Now is your time,

it starts with focusing on you.

Your business success is a reflection of you and the success Activator will totally transform you and your business.

Total Value? over $2500

Black Friday Success Activator Price : USD$397

What are you waiting for?

Don’t just take my word for it!

"The concept of not reinventing the wheel applies here - Emma's ready to go system makes the investment worth it's weight in gold. Why spend hours doing something that is going to yield less than desirable results. Having Emma pass along her wisdom is the way to go!"


Marie Faulkner, Canada

"OMG ... it's now so easy!!! Working with Emma has made my life SO much easier, she has been nothing short of spectacular. Everyone needs an Emma on their side! Thank you so much Emma x"

Cat Marshall, UK

"Working with Emma was so easy and productive. She explained everything so well. I feel more professional and more confident. It is a no brainer to invest in Emma. What her expertise has allowed me to do in my business has been an excellent investment. "


Happy client, Denmark

"I love it, it is so easy. I am sure Emma went over and above. I feel more positive that I can make a success of my business with all of the help and knowledge she has given me."


Juanita Dellaway, UK

"Emma has been instrumental in my getting started and moving from paralysis to action. I felt lost and not sure where to begin. I feel more confident and ready to move into accepting clients who are willing to work. Emma quickly and efficiently follows through on everything she says."


Debbie Frechette, Canada

"I would certainly recommend Emma to anyone who needs help with their business. I was worried I would find it difficult myself. Emma is fast, efficient and extremely clear in the way she teaches you, having the session recorded means I can refer back to it at any time. Nothing was too much trouble and I came away feeling very glad I'd chosen to work with Emma."


HAzel JAckman, UK

"I feel secure in the knowledge that Emma is both experienced and approachable ... [working] with Emma is worth its weight in gold."


Julia Hayes, Australia

"I felt bogged down, I just wanted to start working with clients and get moving. Emma took a huge weight off my shoulders. I feel much lighter now and my engagement is focused on my clients. I can't recommend Emma enough ...not to mention she's just plain fun to work with!"


Julie Cochrane, Canada

"I feel more organized, professional and that nothing is getting through the cracks, Emma is very knowledgable, professional and delivers what she promises."


Kristine Irving, Canada

Hello my name is

Emma Johnson

… and I am a Business, Life and Mindset Transformation Coach, a HeartHealing™ Level 1&2 Therapist, an experienced RTT™ Practitioner and Social Media Attraction Marketing expert.

I help female entrepreneurs confidently launch and grow their dreams and ideas into successful online businesses free from fears, doubts and overwhelm. 

I am excited to help you reignite your ultimate confidence and self-belief so that you get noticed online with just the right amount of strategy to support your growth, so that you feel confident, professional and available to step into your genius zone and serve your clients.

Total Value? over $2500

Black Friday Success Activator Price : USD$397

Answers to those niggling questions!

When do we start?

You will get immediate access to your course and can dive straight in. You will receive a new module each week and will have a chance to submit what you are working on in that same week.

Is this a group coaching programme?

This is a self-paced course spread over 6 wonderful weeks with the added bonus of my eyes on what you are working on once a week! Kinda perfect for activating your success super fast, right?

How long will I need to give to work through this course?

This is a self -paced course with new content released each week.  You will want to set aside around 30 minutes each week to follow the training and some further time to complete the weekly tasks, you determine how much time you want to spend on these tasks.

In addition you will want to allow 20 minutes each day to listen to your success activiation powerful transformational recording imprint.

Is there a refund policy?

No we do not offer refunds! This is a positive, action packed programme with success and action taking as the primary focus. If you are already thinking about refunds then you are letting the Universe know that you don’t think you have the ability to achieve your goals, and that is just not true!
Please ensure that you committed to your success and understand these terms before proceeding to purchase.

What if I have another question?

No problem, just drop us an email to and we will be happy to answer that for you.

Ready to make a success of your business?

Total Value? over $2500

I can’t wait to work with you like this xxx