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The Business Launch Accelerator™

Take your coaching business from zero to consistent 3K+ months

The ultimate group coaching program for coaches, therapists and service-based businesses, supporting you to launch your business, attract your ideal clients and generate consistent income, the uncomplicated way!

Introducing …

The Business Launch Accelerator™, my tried-and-tested framework to launch and grow your coaching / therapy business to consistent $3k+ months, even if you’re not business savvy and have no idea where to begin.

Combining lifetime access to a proven, step-by-step curriculum with 12 months of expert coaching, a supportive community and all of the resources, templates + tools you need, the Business Launch Accelerator™ is your fast track to launching your business and generating consistent income the right way.

Let me guess …

You are ambitious and passionate about what you do, you’ve invested your hard-earned time and money to get this far and you want generate consistent income from your business.

You’ve poured time and energy into developing your skill set … But while training + certifications gave you the skills to serve your future clients… they didn’t actually tell you how to land those clients in the first place. And without clients, you don’t actually have a business.

You’ve tried piecing together advice from courses and freebies  … but most of that information is just swirling around your head, because without anyone to guide you or provide feedback, trying to implement what you have learned feels impossible. You just don’t know where to start.

You’ve tried doing everything on your own … and even though you think you’d probably figure things out eventually, between self-doubt, imposter syndrome and overwhelm it feels confusing and lonely.

what you want is …

to run a profitable business with consistent revenue – but you don’t want to spend years trying to make that happen.

As someone who has helped hundreds of women in over 35 countries worldwide launch their own successful businesses (and built my own coaching and therapy business to multi-6 figures each year) here’s what I know to be true…


      • It might feel good to launch your website, design a pretty logo or to start sharing content on Instagram… but (spoiler alert!) those things on their own won’t lead to clients.
      • Freebies & the University of Google can be helpful for a quick bandaid fix, but spending all of your time consuming free content isn’t going to get you any closer to launching… and I bet the overwhelm is currently sending you backwards – am I right?!
      • Having a simple step-by-step plan that connects all the dots, you’ll be able to attract, convert, onboard & deliver your services to happy paying clients – and actually enjoy the entire process.

The reason you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused is because nobody taught you how to run a business, so you’re spraying and praying without any solid idea about your strategy or direction.

are you ready for consistent success?

Here’s a taste of the wins that previous students experienced in their businesses:

Hello I’m

Emma Johnson

… mum of two energetic little boys and proud business women, I am your go-to expert for simplifying success, creating business systems, strategies and automation combined with a rockstar mindset that will have you attracting and converting your ideal playing clients in no time and locking in those consistent 3K+ months.

With over 20 years experience building international businesses online I grew my own coaching and therapy business organically to multi-6 figures in less than 12 months and my programs consistently sell out.

After working with over 350 amazing women in the last 18 months alone it became glaring obvious that generic courses or DIY options just don’t cut it if you want to see build consistent revenue quickly.

Whilst watching videos, trying things on your own and scouring the internet for options works for some, the ladies that I work with are not interested in trial and error, they want to know what works (because it has been tried and tested already), they want guidance specific to where they are at right now, and they want to have support and feedback on every step that they take.

There is ZERO guess work when we work together!

What can you expect from the Business Launch Accelerator™?

Inside the Business Launch Accelerator™, you’ll find a proven roadmap from idea to successful business.

Having a framework to follow means you can stop throwing spaghetti at the wall (or staying stuck in overwhelm) and start taking consistent action on the *right* tasks.

Which, before you know it, will have you waking up to enquiries from qualified leads & getting testimonials from clients whose lives you’ve changed!

We cover everything you need to get your business off the ground in a simple, step-by-step format that will have you making back your investment every month — guaranteed.

When you enroll in the Business Launch Accelerator™, you get…

Real-time coaching and support

12 months access to monthly Live Q&A “hot-seat” coaching calls with me to hold your hand and support you with any questions, issues or mindset challenges that pop up along the way.

Need help deciding what to do next? Feedback or reassurance you’re on the right track? Support in dealing with a sticky situation in your business? Bring your questions and challenges to our group calls and I’ll coach you through them live. There is no need for you to feel stuck or to muddle along by yourself.

We regularly review call times based on the location of our students and add in more calls where necessary to ensure pods remain accessible for everyone and everyone has an opportunity to have their questions addressed live with Emma.

Exclusive Community

Opportunity to ask questions and share your wins between calls inside our community channel.

Between calls you will also have unlimited access to our community channel, that means you have me, my team – and your fellow business builders – on hand, around the clock. Simply pop your questions or wins into the community channel and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours (although I usually respond a lot faster!)

Monthly Masterclasses or Challenges

12 months access to monthly challenges/masterclasses on topics relevant to you to get you moving forward with intention, delivered by Emma and/or guest experts.

Lifetime Access to a Comprehensive Curriculum

Lifetime access to a brand new self-paced curriculum covering every essential step to launch your business and attract a regular stream of paying clients.

Packed full of videos, audios and resources to support you exactly when you need it as you grow an online business that works for you around the clock.

Templates and Swipe Files

Templates and workbooks to help you implement everything even faster. Including trackers, email swipe copy, branding and marketing templates, social media templates and more.

There is no point reinventing the wheel. You will have access to the very templates, trackers, checklists, emails, social media posts and resources that I use in my business, that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of success.

From timid, uncertain and overwhelmed to confident CEO …

It all starts with establishing solid business foundations that will set you up for success for years and years to come.

Your curriculum at a glance…

Core foundations :

Set your goals, intentions and map out your vision, so that you have a clear focus and direction for the next 12 months

Mindset for Success :

Core mindset strategies to support you through the inevitable imposter syndrome, wobbles and self-doubt, that you can dip into whenever you need extra support.

Nail your Niche :

Gain complete clarity on your ideal client, niche & your uniqueness so that you’re positioned to stand out from the crowd.

Your Irresistible Offer and Pricing :

Learn how to build your offers, create your signature process and price your offers to transform your clients’ lives

Attract your Audience :

Develop your core messaging and positioning to magnetise your ideal clients and define your aligned client attraction strategy

Nurture your Audience :

Learn how to support your clients through their decision making process until they are ready to work with you. 

Convert your Audience :

Master your lead generation and discovery call processes so that signing clients into your programs is fun. Nail your client onboarding and create systems to manage your leads.

Content that Converts :

Create a clear, manageable content strategy and a content bank of binge worthy content that has your ideal clients hanging on your every word.

Your First Funnel :

Set up your lead magnets, content and emails so that your potential clients are looked after even whilst you sleep.

Brilliant Branding :

Define your unique look and feel to stand out online. Develop your own branded documents and templates and confidently present yourself to the world.

Tech Triumph :

Learn how to effortlessly navigate the essential tech systems in your business. Confidently select and implement the best solutions to support you and your business.

Systems for Success :

Learn and implement my exact systems for productivity, automation, organising and managing your business so that you can focus on the things that matter most – your clients and your family!

plus bonuses

BONUS #1 - The content generator tool

The content generator tool is your ticket to never having to worry about what to post, meaning it’ll save you hours (as well as your sanity) and has the potential to land you countless clients as long as you just use it!

BONUS #2 - The Canva Masterclasses

Learning exactly how to create your own gorgeous, on-brand graphics, social media banners/headers, lead magnets and workbooks with these in-depth masterclasses + shortcuts cheat sheet to save you precious time (and headaches)!

BONUS #3 - Trello Magic

Get your hands on powerful Trello board templates that will help you to plan, run & market your business efficiently – from tracking clients through to planning content and even managing your day-to-day tasks and projects like a super woman!

BONUS #4 - Guest Expert Masterclasses

Don’t just take my word for it, get exclusive access to hand picked guest experts in the exact areas that you may need support. Plus some really special offers and resources to boot.

All of this 👆🏻 is designed with one goal in mind…

within the next 12 months you will have…

⭐️ A business that makes consistent sales, so that you feel financially supported.

⭐️ Created a sustainable, profitable, intentional business that you love showing up for every day.

⭐️ Peace of mind knowing that you have everything set up to support you to grow consistently in the future.

And although 12 months can feel like a long way off, the good news is you’ll start experiencing massive shifts from your very first week inside the Business Launch Accelerator.

Sara Nativi

When I started working with Emma I didn’t understand how marketing worked, I knew nothing about branding, design, websites, attracting clients … Emma had a very efficient and patient way of explaining things to me and guided me exactly where I wanted to go. It turned out to be amazing. Just what I wanted and I am thrilled to share that my business is growing and flourishing by the minute. I couldn’t be more grateful to her.

– Sara Nativi

The Food Freedom Therapist

Sara Nativi

I’ve gained a huge amount of confidence since being part of this programme. The clarity I have now is unbelievable. It has saved me so much time and the struggle of figuring everything out by myself. It is well paced for me and gave me enough time to think things through. I have peace of mind knowing it’s all shaping up well and the foundations are strong. 

– Serena Albuquerque

Success Redesign Coach™

I’ve gained a huge amount of confidence since being part of this programme. The clarity I have now is unbelievable. It has saved me so much time and the struggle of figuring everything out by myself. It is well paced for me and gave me enough time to think things through. I have peace of mind knowing it’s all shaping up well and the foundations are strong. 

– Serena Albuquerque

Success Redesign Coach™

Sara Nativi
Sara Nativi

I’m feeling really inspired and excited about the future of my company. Thanks to the work we’ve done together, Emma consistently challenges me to elevate my service and my prices. I’ve noticed a deep level of confidence even from the first month with Emma that wasn’t there before. I feel more confident in myself and I know my value innately because I now have an offering that is truly transformative. If you are thinking about this program, just do it, you won’t regret a second!

– Chloe Miller

Founder and CEO at And, Swipe Right™

Is the Business Launch Accelerator™ the right fit for you?

I don’t want you investing in something that won’t get you results. I want you to be sure that you’re in the right stage of your business to get the full value out of this experience.

The BLA is perfect for you if …

  • You are a coach/therapist/service-based business starting or in the early stages of your business and you’re yet to see a worthwhile return on the investments that you have made in your training.
  • You are committed to starting and growing your business and putting in the effort. The methods I teach work if you apply them. Taking action is essential.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to get your business off the ground, and you don’t know where to begin.
  • You’re ready to build your business to sign clients consistently through learning the tools provided by someone who has walked the exact path before.
  • Collecting free ebooks has only added to your to-do list and left you feeling more confused about what to do next.
  • You’re tight on time and you don’t want to waste hours piecing together free advice and trying to figure it all out by yourself.

The BLA is NOT for you if …

  • You’re happy to take the slow road to building a thriving business. This program compresses the learning curve and helps you skip the common mistakes that slow your growth, ensuring you won’t still be in the same place 4 years from now.
  • You want to learn more, but you’re not ready to take action. The Business Launch Accelerator is an action-first program, complete with tutorials, templates and workbooks to make implementing what you learn even easier.
  • You’re already consistently making $3k per month or more. If you’ve already got a regular stream of consistent clients, it sounds like you’ve got the basics covered. In this case, my next-level program, the Grow to Six Mastermind, will be a better fit for you.


Investment Options

  • Lifetime access to the self-paced curriculum
  • 12 months access to monthly Live Q&A calls
  • 12 months access to monthly challenges/masterclasses
  • Templates and workbooks to help you implement everything even faster.
  • 12 months unlimited community support


12 x monthly


🇬🇧 GBP £210
🇦🇺 AUD $415*
(+GST for Australians)


6 x monthly


🇬🇧 GBP £410
🇦🇺 AUD $795*
(+GST for Australians)

Pay In

save USD$180


🇬🇧 GBP £2400
🇦🇺 AUD $4585*
(+GST for Australians)

Still scrolling before enrolling?

Here’s questions past students asked before saying “hell yes!” to the program!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Business Launch Accelerator start?

The Business Launch Accelerator is an ongoing program so you can join anytime as long as there are spots available.

As soon as you join you will get lifetime access to the online curriculum packed full of videos, audios, tutorials, templates and resources to support you as you grow your online coaching / therapy business.

I don't have a business yet, is this programme suitable for me?

Absolutely, we want you to be able to hit the ground running as soon as your qualifications or offers are ready to go.

This programme will set you up for immediate success with clear, step by step guidance to get everything right from the beginning.

So good bye to frustration and overwhelm and start making back that investment in your training right away.

How much one-on-one time will I get with Emma?

Whilst this is a group experience, not a one-on-one coaching program, it will be me on our group calls and in the community channel answering your questions and cheering you on.

You also have the opportunity to submit your challenges and questions every month for our hot-seat coaching—everyone who submits a hot-seat request will receive live direct coaching on the call.

If you’re worried about being “just a number” and getting lost in amongst the rest of the group, here’s what you need to know: I take pride in getting to know each of my students and their businesses.

When are the live coaching calls held?

Our students come from all corners of the globe, including Australia, Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA. For that reason, we adjust our calls times to accomodate the students enrolled and regularly review call times to ensure that everyone can access calls in waking hours.

If you are unable to jump on a call live, you will be able to submit your questions in advance and will be able to access the call recordings in the course portal.

How long is the commitment?

I know a full year feels like a big commitment, but here’s the thing: building an online business that’s profitable and sustainable won’t happen overnight. Statistically 1 in 3 business fail in the first year because they lack solid foundations, strategy, systems and support.

I don’t want that for you, so that is why you have lifetime (of the program) access to the Business Launch Accelerator curriculum and a full 12 months of direct coaching and feedback. You will feel confident and supported at every turn, knowing that you are setting yourself up for long-term success.

(And if you get to the end of the 12 months and want to keep the group and call support, you will have the option to extend).

This is a big investment, how do I know it is worth it?

If you are reading this page then the truth is that you have being doing exactly that already and I am guessing you haven’t seen the results that you were hoping for.

My clients come to me because they have been struggling to make their business profitable with what they have been doing up until now.

If making this work now is important to you, then investing in a mentor is key.

If you do not mind how long it takes to do it at your own pace, then Google is your friend.

I guess the big question is can you afford NOT to invest in expert help and guidance? But don’t just take my word for it. There are heaps of testimonials from happy, thriving clients.

Do you have a guarantee?

Whilst it is impossible to guarantee results as there are so many factors involved, I do have complete confidence in my programs.

I know it can feel scary investing even more into your business when you haven’t yet seen a return yet, and you might be questioning whether you even have what it takes to succeed.

And I know that there are dozens of other coaches and programs you could choose to work with—so how on earth are you meant to decide which one is the right next step for you?

I am so confident in this program that if you don’t make back your investment in 12 months after following the step-by-step curriculum, taking action as you go, and bringing your questions and challenges to our Q&A calls every month I will gift you full access and support for another 6 months free of charge. *terms apply

What if I have another question?

No problem, just drop us an email to emma@emmajohnsonandco.com and we will be happy to answer that for you.

“I’ve already invested so much in my qualifications. How can I justify spending more on a business that’s not making any money yet?”

👆🏻 This is a great question to be asking.

I know you’ve invested a lot already and you’re questioning whether you have what it takes to succeed in business.

But here’s what they didn’t tell you when you did your qualifications: being great at your modality and being great at running a business are two completely different things. You can be excellent at what you do and still struggle to attract clients if you don’t have the right sales and marketing foundations in place.

The Business Launch Accelerator™ gives you everything you need to turn your skills into a thriving business, and make back your investment every month, consistently, within 12 months.

All you need to do is follow the step-by-step curriculum, take action as you go, and bring your questions and challenges to our Q&A calls every month.

Here’s the thing:

I don’t want you investing in something that won’t get you results either. That’s why I offer a return on investment guarantee

and invite you to book a call with me before enrolling, if you have any questions — I want to ensure that you’re in the right stage of your business to get the full value out of this experience.


Investment Options

  • Lifetime access to the self-paced curriculum
  • 12 months access to monthly Live Q&A calls
  • 12 months access to monthly challenges/masterclasses
  • Templates and workbooks to help you implement everything even faster.
  • 12 months unlimited community support


12 x monthly


🇬🇧 GBP £210
🇦🇺 AUD $415*
(+GST for Australians)


6 x monthly


🇬🇧 GBP £410
🇦🇺 AUD $795*
(+GST for Australians)

Pay In

save USD$180


🇬🇧 GBP £2400
🇦🇺 AUD $4700*
(+GST for Australians)