If we’re being honest…

We ALL have our ups and downs in network marketing.

It doesn’t matter who you are…

It’s not always going to be a walk in the park.

But that is no reason to throw it in at the first hurdle, here’s what I’ve found to be true…

Most of my struggles were within myself…

…rather than from outside forces.

So very quickly I learned (as we all do) that it wasn’t just a case of learning new skills, I also had to work on my mindset.

Now, to be fair, most people struggle when trying anything new.

And for a newbie, network marketing success can often seem like a strange, sometimes frightening road to go down.

So what are these inner “demons” that keep us from succeeding in network marketing?

And how can we overcome them?

Read on to find out, and I hope that these top 5 network marketing tips will help you on your journey!

1. You alone are responsible

YOU and only YOU are responsible for the success or failure of your business!

This is a big one and maybe one you don’t want to hear or accept, but it’s true.

It can be overwhelming to learn everything in the beginning and the majority of new (and even the more experienced) network marketers blame everyone but themselves for things that go wrong.

“My upline didn’t show me ….”, “He/she didn’t add me to that group”, “noone wants to buy from me”, “my partner doesn’t support me”, “He/she finds it so much easier then me …” I could go on, but you get the idea.

But in reality, everything that happens to you, both in business and in your personal life, are your responsibility (not anyone else’s).

You, and you alone, are responsible for your business!

It all begins and ends with you…

  • It’s up to you to pick up the phone
  • It’s up to you to go out there and connect
  • It’s up to you to get on social media and do some reaching out

Of course, you will come across “naysayers.”

You will come across people who don’t believe in you, or what you’re doing.

But whatever happens, know that you can push past it.

You are stronger than the negativity. Here’s a big tip:  Find mentorship.

Even if you don’t have an upline (sometimes people are orphaned), find someone who is willing to mentor you.

As a mentor myself, I’m constantly mentoring people outside of my team/company and providing them action steps.

But remember…

2. Educate Yourself

I tell my team that they should focus on educating themselves for the first couple of months after starting a new business.

This can be difficult for many people to hear, because they want to make money—right now!

I’m not saying you can’t earn while you learn, because you absolutely can, however, the only way that you will make big money in network marketing (or any business) is if you understand that the story you are telling yourself could eventually become your roadblock to success unless to work on your mindset.

You’ve got to learn what this profession is about.

When I first got started, I listened to podcasts, I read books, I watched webinars, I listened to CDs—everything I could get my hands on!

Also, you want to understand what you’re providing to your customers and over-deliver.

How do you provide value?

By educating yourself!

Speaking of which…

If you want to know the exact blueprint that I followed to build my business from absolutely nothing without bugging friends and family, then grab the free download below


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3. Get out of your comfort zone

Expect to get out of your comfort zone and know the beginning is messy!

If this is your first attempt at starting a business, then it’s very likely that you’ll be expanding your horizons.

You’ll be learning new and different ways of expressing yourself.

You will need to connect with people.

And I hate to bring bad news…

But you really won’t make it big in network marketing by hiding behind your computer screen.

You may very well feel uncomfortable trying new things that you may or may not be good at.

But do you know what? …

Leaders push past fear.

If you’re not willing to do the things that need to be done…

If you’re not willing to push past your comfort zone, face your fears, and actually talk to people to offer your solutions, then chances are you’re probably not going to be very successful at network marketing.

And success is what I want for you.

Know that it’s okay to feel fear – it means you’re growing, and that’s a good thing.

Embrace the feeling and move forward.

4. Use your Time Wisely

It’s critical to use your time wisely!

If you are starting your business alongside other commitments (work or a family etc.), you will need to become a time management expert.

Your new business is like a newborn – it requires nurturing, attention, caring…and time.

Be sure to carve out some time every single day to work on your business.

Doesn’t matter where you are.

Turn your car into a “rolling university” by listening to CDs while you’re driving.

Look, I know you probably have kids running into your office when you’re on the phone.

And you’re trying to get meals prepared for lunch or dinner while you’re trying to do a prospecting call, or a three way call, with your team.

Life is crazy!

But every second you spend on your business will help it grow that much faster.

How do you do it all?

Well, you prioritize.

You organize.

I set up my day the night before.

Really decide what is the main goal for the day and just start there.

5. Be patient

Lastly, be patient!

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

In fact, most brick and mortar businesses consider it a HUGE success if they can turn a profit after a couple of years.

Really, no joke!

So I want to help you set realistic expectations.

Money might not start rolling in after a few days, or even a few months.

It really depends on your personal goals and speed of implementation.

So if you are in a day job, don’t quit your day job until you start producing some profit.

Look, it’s no secret that building a business takes time, effort, and lots of patience.

Be prepared!

Be patient.

Learn the skillets.

Own your mindset.

Do some personal development.

Find a mentor that you can turn to that can show you the ropes.

When things don’t “click” right away, remind yourself that you can always correct things along the way.

Again, I really want to stress the patience aspect of building a business, because if people don’t see income coming in quickly enough, often they get frustrated, and then they quit.

Like I said before, I don’t want to see you quit.

There is no such thing as failure.

Success is a process and doesn’t happen overnight.

Every step you take leads you closer to your goal.

Everything you learn makes you more and more valuable to others, who will ultimately see you as the leader that can help them in their quest for freedom.

So follow the above tips, relax, persevere, and always be patient!

You CAN do this!

Now, let’s discuss…

How to use social media to prospect, recruit, and build your business

There really is no “secret” …

You need to connect with at least two to three NEW people a day.

Pretty simple, right?

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find an endless supply of new people to introduce to your business without pestering anyone or doing ANY kind of cold prospecting whatsoever!

And, by far, the easiest way to do that is through leveraging social media.

This is exactly the strategy I adopted whilst raising my two high-energy boys.

The best part?

You don’t even need a website or even have an advertising budget.

I certainly didn’t when I first got started.

Plus, these strategies create such EXPLOSIVE DUPLICATION, that for every person personally sponsored, the team would grow by an average of 30 people in depth each time.


If you want to know how to find masses of quality people and create a massive surge in your business by leveraging the power of social media…


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Cheers to your success!

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!


Emma JohnsonOnline Marketing Coach and Super Mom!


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