Stress and worry can seriously impact your business…

Because it’s extremely difficult to make effective decisions when you’re emotionally exhausted.

This comes up over and over again, especially when people are dealing with the financial risks of growing and advertising a business.

So how do you deal with the financial stress and still be successful in your business?

How do you stay productive in the face of adversity?

And how to you effectively ask for help?

These are skills you’ve got to develop if you want to succeed in business.

And the following 4 steps will help.

First, you need to be in a positive state; or at least calm.

Because you can’t even think straight when you’re emotionally negative.

When you’re negative, you don’t have focus or clarity, so you can’t ask effective questions or make sound decisions.

You can’t have breakthroughs when you’re in a negative emotional state.

Take this example of a post that I see a lot…

“I don’t know what’s going on! My ads aren’t working!”

And here’s the thing…

This statement doesn’t provide any information or data to actually help them.

Basically, this type of post just lets the world know that the person is struggling emotionally.

And why would someone do that?

Well, the answer is simple…

It’s because they aren’t even thinking, because they honestly can’t in that agitated state of mind.

Here’s the thing, though…to be successful in business,

We have to train ourselves as to deal with emotional stress

I’m sure you can relate to feeling this way.

It’s common when we get started in business, because it’s a brand new experience.

We’re wide-eyed and overwhelmed, and that leads to a lot of negative emotions and reactions.

We’re scared because we don’t know what the heck we’re doing!

And that’s nothing to be ashamed of; it happens to everyone at first.

You know, it’s that whole “getting outside your comfort zone” thing.

But the bottom line is that when you’re in a negative state and frantically asking for help, you unfortunately won’t be able to get the help you need.

Because if you want help, first you need to…

So instead of emotionally stating:  “My ads aren’t working”, without providing any specific information, it is best to get yourself to a state where you can actually think clearly and ask for help effectively.

The best way to calm your emotions?

Hands down is through some sort of meditation or self-hypnosis.

Meditation can help calm you down and bring you back into a positive state.

There are apps that you can download for your phone that provide an easy guided meditation.

Another option is prayer, if you’re religious.

Prayer is a great way to meditate.

But there’s a specific way to meditate

Most people meditate in a way that is, truth be told, not effective.

Because they’re just asking for stuff.

Instead, it’s much more helpful to meditate for the things you’re grateful for.

Show gratitude for the things that are going right in your life!

Show gratitude for the people in your life and just be thankful in your meditation that they’re in your life.

Be grateful for what you have.

Focus on things that are positive

This is so important, so even if things aren’t going right, you’re able to physically feel calm.

To do this, it’s essential that you…

You may be asking…

“How do I separate from stress? Especially if I have financial issues, or my spouse is negative, or I hate my job? How do I separate from those things?”

Well, you have to emotionally set those things aside and say…

“Okay, that’s over here. I’ll deal with that later. I have work to do.”

If you’re not able to focus for one or two hours, then you’re not going to be productive, and you won’t get the results you need.

When I was going through my journey in the beginning, I had an insane amount of financial stress.

I was single, and had just bought a house in London with a huge mortgage …

I had a fabulous job in the city, all was going well. Then suddenly I was made redundant, it was the start of the economic crash and no-one was hiring.

The value of my home dropped by 40% over night, I couldn’t afford the repayments and I couldn’t sell as no-one was lending and I would have been left in negative equity anyway.

Now even though that’s all going on, I still had to be able to mentally set that aside and say…

“Okay, I need to focus.”

Luckily, I cultivated the ability to focus on the things I needed to do.

And a big part of this equation is being able to…

I never doubted myself.

I never doubted that I was going to succeed and breakthrough in business.

I believed with absolute certainty.

Not only are you going to need to find a way to remain calm, and emotionally separate yourself from the stuff that’s not great in your life…

To be successful in life and business…

You must find the unshakable belief that you can do this

Because without that belief it’s going to be hard, even while being in a state of calm, for you to focus.

And hey, maybe your belief level is not quite there yet.

That’s okay.

A simple thing to do is believe in something you’re going to be doing in the future, which will be useful to you.

Let’s say an irresistible offer that generates leads, for instance.

Believe, at least, that you can actually launch that offer.

Develop the belief that you can at least do that.

Develop the belief that you’re going to generate that first bite of interest, that first sale, or speak to that first prospect.

Believe you can accomplish the next step!

Maybe you’re not in a place where you can believe that you’re going to be a multi-millionaire.

That’s okay.

And maybe that’s not even your goal.

Maybe you have other goals that are more important to you—that’s fine.

But at least believe you can achieve the next level of success.

Whatever that looks like for you.

When you’re bringing yourself to the state of calm, the pressure of having to make a whole heap of money can be too much.

So the only thing you have to worry about is doing enough to get to that next level of success.

Ray Higdon said something very interesting, which has to do with how you see yourself now.

He says…

“What’s in your bank account or what’s in your financial books, that reflects a past-version of you, or just reflects what’s in the books. It doesn’t reflect who you are.”

If you can believe that, then you can accomplish some pretty amazing things.

It’s another way to bring yourself to a state of calm, so you can get the job done, and do the things you need to do.

Remember, step one is to do whatever is necessary to…

Bring yourself to a state of calm

I know exercise, meditation and gratitude were part of the equation for me.

You need to set aside some time just for you—where you can forget everything else in the world.

If you don’t have a lot of time then simple meditation exercises can help.

Find out what works for you!

Again, you must be able to:

  • Bring yourself to a state of calm
  • Ask for help in a clear, concise way
  • Set your problems aside and focus on being productive
  • Believe that you’re going to succeed with your next level of success

By following these steps…

You can put your stress aside and be more productive

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Cheers to your success!

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Emma Johnson

Business and Mindset Transformation Coach