When you start to build a team within your network marketing business, it won’t be long before you hear a version of the following question:

“What do I need to do to earn money quickly? Just tell me what to do; show me step-by-step, because I need to make money now.”

On the surface, this seems like a perfectly innocent and reasonable question to ask. If you haven’t been asked yet then rest assured you will be at some point.

Now you may think that you know what the answer is …

However, to a seasoned network marketing leader, this question actually reveals a lot about your new team member and their frame of mind, and if answered effectively could see you creating a new, loyal, never-quit type leader in your organization.

BUT, if you answer this question in the wrong way (as most will do), you will most certainly set this new recruit up for failure and they will quit on you, which most network marketers do.

So what is the right answer? Here’s a hint …

How top leaders in network marketing build a huge income has very little to so with the compensation plan or their company’s products. So …

… how do you make sure your new team members don’t quit on you?

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Let’s get stuck in …

Entrepreneurs are not paid to “do a job”

To set the scene, imagine you have a new team member, they have recently started in your organisation and they want to be making six figures plus.

Your new team member asks… or more likely demands…

“Just tell me what I have to do right now to make money.”

As their sponsor you respond but they don’t like your response very much, so your new team member repeats their demand…

“No, no, no, just tell me what I need to do to make money…NOW!”

You see, this new recruit is looking for a step-by-step, “tell me exactly what to do so I can make money tomorrow” type of answer.

They are coming from a mindset where they expect somebody “in the know” to give them a “one, two, three, jackpot” kind of answer without needing to think or improve themselves first.

That is the mindset of an entry-level employee, not an entrepreneur.

Now don’t get me wrong …

There is nothing wrong with have a job or being an employee!

But when you looking to build a team that will not quit on you it is important to understand that the expectations and approach to work is different between employees and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are paid to get results

When employees sign up for a job, they get paid no matter what they do or how well they do it. They show up for work on that first day and ask…

“Okay, boss, what do I do?”

They go through some kind of induction process where they learn a few things, and they start doing the job. After they’ve performed said job – no matter how well (or poorly) they do it, they get paid.

(OK so that might come back and bite them later in their performance review time, but for the time being, the paycheck comes in!)

The employer understands that hopefully, over time, the employee is going to get good enough at that job so that whatever they’re paying is worth it.

That’s how employees get paid.

So it’s no surprise that when people come into network marketing, straight out of an employment situation, they ask that same question…

“Okay boss, just tell me straight up, what do I do now, so I can get paid…and btw, when do I get paid?”

Well, here’s the bottom line…

There will be NO right answer to this question which has anything to do with your company’s products, the compensation plan or any recruiting strategy, until you’ve made sure that the person asking the question, understands what they’ve signed up to be – an entrepreneur.

In order to ensure that your new recruit stays the course, it is important to continue that initial conversation to ensure that they understand that earning a big income in network marketing is not done at all how they might expect.

Entrepreneurs are not paid like employees – you can’t get results without skills

So let me break this down into 4 key points.

1. Entrepreneurs are not paid to “do a job”Understanding this distinction will help you set proper, realistic expectations about …

  • What you can expect from being an entrepreneur
  • How long it is going to take you to get a return on the education and related actions you are taking from the investment in your new business

Next …

2. Entrepreneurs are paid to get resultsThat is the only way it works.

You might be with me up to this point, but if you stop here and that is all you explain to your new team members, then their next thought will be …

“OK, so entrepreneurs are getting paid for results; just show mt the steps I need to take to get results.”

But here is the kicker …

3. Results are achieved by acquiring and enhancing relevant SKILLS to the profession that you are in.To develop an entrepreneur – a producer on your team – you can’t simply say …

“Do this, this, and this .. and then you’t make the big bucks” 

(but that is what I see so many leaders teaching their teams and then wondering why they are working so hard for a team that doesn’t stick around.

… because when you are an entrepreneur, the money that you make is a measure of the VALUE that you give out.

So you need to do something to provide value to the world by improving your skillset and then people will respond by exchanging their hard earned cash for the value that you provide, based on how effective you are at helping them see that value.

So to get results, you need new skills.

Some networkers come with existing skills or talents, that give them a head start over others, but most of your recruits will not be as prepared, so generally …

4. You have to work to acquire new skills – through study, action, evaluation and repetition.If you are an entrepreneur and you need skills to produce results, and entrepreneurs are paid to get results, then which is the more reasonable question for an entrepreneur to ask?

A: “Hey, tell me exactly: what do I have to do to make money right now?”


B: “What skills should I focus on learning first (or now) so I can get good at __________ and what type of results might I expect over the next 4 weeks, based on what you know about me?”

Know the answer? 😉

Here’s my point: what you should be teaching your downline is that network marketing involves learning a new professional skill set and they should be clear about they are and how they help their business.

No profession in this world comes easy

Not only do you need a collection of skills to be competent in a profession – you need to practice those skills over time to really master them.

That is not to say that you can’t get results quickly. It just means that results will be proportional to your skill level.

Earning an income in this business depends on your PROFESSIONAL skills as an online network marketer, i.e., as an attraction marketer.

So when somebody asks…

“How do I make money now?”

What they are really asking is…

“How can I get the benefit of an entrepreneur and guarantee I get paid like one, without learning any new skills?”

In other words…

“Tell me what to do, instead of what I need to learn. How do I get paid as an entrepreneur, but operate like an employee?”

BUT … When you chose to do network marketing, and when you chose to take part actively in attraction marketing, you chose a PROFESSION.

And this profession requires a different professional skill set than that of an employee.

Doesn’t it make sense that acquiring a new professional skill set might take some time, before the big bucks roll in?

And how much time do you think is reasonable to acquire such a valuable, professional skill set?

This skill development process is actually a simple cycle

  • Study
  • Take action
  • Evaluate
  • Repeat

You have to work to acquire a skill, the skill (at that level) allows you to produce a result proportional to your mastery of the skill, and the result provides valuable information to study, evaluate, and improve.

The result may also come in the form of money earned, and you can take that money and invest further in the acquisition of new skills or the enhancement of a skill you already possess.

As you learn, your investment can be in ads, education, or upgrading your coaching.

That’s how to approach this new profession – like a professional.

Ultimately, the people who get paid in this profession, whether they’re affiliates, in direct sales, or network marketing, are the people who acquire the skill sets, not the people who promote a certain program or opportunity over another.

A certain program, a certain website, or a certain “thing” will not get you there.

What will get you there is your own skill development, and the actions you take.

Without taking action you cannot learn. That is how entrepreneurs get paid and that is what will ensure that your team members don’t quit!

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Cheers to your success!

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Sincerely, Emma JohnsonOnline Business Marketing Coach and Super Mompreneur!

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