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Blog post sharing top 5 tips for building a targeted, engaged Facebook Business Page

5 Top Tips to Build a Targeted Facebook Business Page

Let’s face it, everyone loves to hate Facebook and given that the algorithm is constantly changing, (with no notice or explanation), and organic reach is virtually non-existent, it can feel impossible to get your message in front of people. But, the reality is that Facebook is the largest social media platform out there. Did you know […]

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Facebook for business Page Profile or Group

Facebook for Business: Should You Use Your Facebook Profile, Page, or Group?

​5 Top Tips to Build a Targeted Facebook Fan Page​​​Have you ever asked yourself… “SELF! In order to build my business on social media, should I……use my personal Facebook profile?…start a Facebook ‘fan’ page instead?…skip those and use a Facebook group?…or do I need to use all of them at once?”If you can relate, then this […]

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How to Build your Networking Business ONLINE in Three Strategic Steps

I grew my business to my first 5 digit month in just 90 days with the strategies from this blog …If you’re fed up of trying to convince friends and family, writing that 100 list, doing home meetings, talking to random strangers, chasing after everyone you meet, or being accused of promoting some “pyramid thing”… Then […]

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3 Simple Steps to Write Effective Ads That Will Attract Your Ideal Audience

When it comes to advertising online, there’s a specific type of prospect you’re looking for. We call these folks your “ideal audience” or “target market.” As you may know, these are the people who are most likely to become leads and eventually customers. But long before they even think about signing up or buying anything … You need to […]

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6 HOT Tips to Increase Your Facebook Live Engagement

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 Share0 Whether you’re just starting out in the exciting world of Facebook Lives, or a seasoned veteran at hitting that “Go Live” button, the ones thing you want is to create as much engagement as possible. No-one likes that feeling of talking to themselves! Engagement is the name of the game, […]

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