So you have heard the term “Law of Attraction”, but how does this really work for your business?

Because it sure isn’t a case of just thinking yourself rich or tuning into some invisible frequency!

Actually, it is even easier than that!

It is simple “schoolyard” psychology and when applied correctly you can’t help but have qualified prospects eager to want to hear all about your business.

So in this week’s blog I want to share with you how you can instantly set yourself apart from the competition, so that you can stop desperately trying to get peoples’ attention in today’s busy marketplace!

Attracting prospects boils down to VALUE!

Regardless of all the online strategies available …

and believe me there are loads taught out there…

at the end of the day, attracting prospects is all about the VALUE you have to offer.

But what do I mean by this?

Sure, price is one representation of value—it’s a measure of how much the market deems people are willing to pay for something.

But value is a bit more abstract than price alone.

In a nutshell, value is the perceived benefit a person expects to receive from acquiring a particular good or service.

But let’s not overcomplicate things! It basically all boils down to something you implicitly knew as a child (but often forget as an adult.)

And speaking of boiling, let’s break down by the concept of value using a story from one of the most unlikely of sources…

The potato.

Yep, everybody’s favorite vegetable!

Now you might be wondering what can you possibly learn about building your business from an ugly, misshapen vegetable that’s virtually inedible until it’s properly washed, cooked, and seasoned?

An awful lot, actually!

Believe it or not, the history of the potato is a shining example of how the perception of value can take something seemingly ordinary and make it downright irresistible in the eyes of the public.

Stick with me folks! Back in eighteenth-century Europe, people saw the potato as something SINISTER—farmers regarded it as foreign and totally alien, and many associated it with disease and filth.

In fact, growing spuds was outlawed in France out of fear of leprosy until 1772.

This negative sentiment was widely shared, despite the fact that many Europeans were suffering from rampant famine.

They were literally STARVING, all while…

They essentially had a miracle right in front of their faces!

Potatoes could completely solve their nutritional woes, but the anti-potato sentiment was universal across Europe.

Until, that is, an enterprising Frenchman, named Mr. Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, conspired to put the humble spud on a pedestal.

An army pharmacist by trade, Parmentier was captured by the Prussians and served as a prisoner of war during the Seven Years’ War of 1756–1763.

During his captivity, he was fed a diet of pig’s feed—which was exclusively comprised of, yep, you guessed it—potatoes!

Parmentier no doubt took notice of it’s superior nutritional value and ability to sustain health, because following his return to Paris at the end of the war, he began a campaign to elevate the potato as an old-school “superfood.”

Grain prices were skyrocketing.

So he realized the time was right to position the potato as a hearty new dietary staple for the French, replacing the likes of their beloved bread, which the public could no longer afford.

To overcome the overwhelmingly negative perception of potatoes, Parmentier conducted a series of publicity stunts to pique the public’s curiosity and make potatoes seem good as gold…

  • First, in a classic display of reverse psychology, he surrounded his personal potato garden with armed guards to “discourage” peasants from stealing (while instructing them to accept bribes and neglect their duties during the evening)
  • He hosted lavish dinner parties serving potato-only dishes to nobles (Benjamin Franklin was even a notable guest at one such feast)
  • Finally, he even convinced the king and queen to wear potato blossoms on their lapels!

As a result of Parmentier’s “viral” marketing campaign, public interest grew and perceptions shifted.

Within a few years, the potato became a staple of European cuisine and the continent’s food supply doubled in short order.

The rest is history.

The “Schoolyard” Psychology of Attraction : Exclusivity creates desire!

Parmentier’s potato patch and altruistic antics illustrate a dynamic so simple every child in possession of a coveted new toy implicitly understands.

That is, how exclusivity increases desire.

Everyone wants what they can’t readily have.

Parmentier knew that he couldn’t sway public opinion about potatoes by labeling them pig feed.

So instead he positioned them as something so precious they were worth guarding and reserved for the nobility.

These same rules apply to the world of modern marketing, too.

Scarcity adds value.

It’s basic supply and demand.

Think about the hordes of people that line up for intentionally limited-run Apple products.

That’s the sort of effect you want to have on your prospects.

People are naturally drawn to what’s scarce and exclusive.

So while it might be tempting to emphasize how whatever you’re selling is “affordable,” doing so lowers the value of what you’re trying to sell.

When you try to take the budget approach, you both cheapen your product and your personal brand.

Instead, you need to do the opposite.

So how do you achieve that same effect yourself?

Glad you asked!

The Choice Between Passively Attracting Versus Actively Pushing

People love buying things, but when was the last time you purchased something from a door-to-door salesperson?

What about the guy cornering you with his clipboard and flyers as you walk down the street?

Even if you were interested in whatever these people were selling, their eagerness to make a sale is a bit of a turn-off, right?

Your prospects play by the same rules!

You can figuratively knock down people’s doors and hope they respond positively.

Or you can attract them to come to you through creating content that speaks to their needs.

It’s a truism that people love buying things, but they hate being SOLD to.

As soon as you try to push something too hard, your prospects will immediately shut down.

Sure, they might not slam the proverbial door in your face, but their answer to your pitch will ultimately be a resounding “no.”

Not only is this act of chasing down prospects time-consuming and ineffective, it’s downright exhausting and terribly unattractive.

So if you’re wearing yourself down while hunting for your next client or sale, it’s time to make a change!

It’s so much easier to brand yourself as a valuable resource, versus acting like the “budget option” of being too eager beaver in the eyes of your prospects.

You can transform your marketing practically overnight

When you create evergreen content (by that I mean content that never goes out of  date) that resonates with the desires and pain points of your audience, you’re sowing the seeds of perpetual, passive marketing.

When you run ads that grab the attention of your prospects and get them to click, you know your message is connecting.

When you plant a trail of breadcrumbs so your prospects can investigate what you have to offer, you become so much more than a commodity—

You become a valuable, one-of-a-kind resource.

So rather than worry about where your next client is coming from or trying to pursue your prospects, make it easy for them to come to you!

The alternative is the desperate, face-to-face approach that’s time-consuming and more like taking shots in the dark.

The choice is yours.

Given how easy it is to run ads and create compelling content these days, no marketer should have to chase down prospects in pursuit of their next sale.

Hungry prospects are out there!

Don’t ignore supply and demand.

Like you learned above, many marketers fall into the trap of cheapening themselves or their products while pursuing more business.

Big mistake!

Just like the potato, which transformed from poison to panacea, so too can proper marketing elevate your business from nuisance to sought-after cure for your prospect’s ails.

It all boils down to positioning.

Now, if you want to know more about attracting valuable prospects without appearing desperate and pushy…

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You can take advantage of these methods starting today—no matter how much (or little) online marketing experience you currently have.

The bottom line is that, in today’s age, you don’t need to be pushy, obnoxious, or overly-aggressive to build a successful business!

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Here’s to your success!

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