I grew my business to my first 5 figure month in just 90 days with the strategies from this blog …

If you’re fed up of trying to convince friends and family, writing that 100 list, doing home meetings, talking to random strangers, chasing after everyone you meet, or being accused of promoting some “pyramid thing”…

Then you’re probably ready to build your network marketing business online.

Continue reading on to learn how I grew my business to my first 5 figure month in just 90 days. I now attract quality, fresh leads everyday and earn four figure commissions.

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Here’s a bit about me.

Eight months into my network marketing business I was doing really well (or so it looked to everyone), I had been promoted 6 times and was in the top 3% of my company, I had personally recruited 53 people into my business BUT … here is the kicker … ALL bar a few had quit and I felt burned out!

I had held home meetings AKA “parties” at my house, friend’s houses, stranger’s houses, attended company events, regional and international events and after literally thousands of miles travelled and lots of money spent, I was about ready to quit myself.

Sound familiar? 

It was so embarrassing and I absolutely DID NOT want to face the “I told you so” from anyone, so without really knowing exactly what I was hoping to find I started searching the internet for answers!

I just knew things had to change, the awkward meetings, the cringe-worthy supermarket conversations and the hours of phone conversations that resulted in nothing, had to stop.

I wanted to speak to people who were genuinely interested in building a business with me and I actually wanted to be making some money!

Anyway, I stumbled across the website of someone whom had built their network marketing empire almost completely online and so began my journey into Online Network Marketing

Long story short, I am loving my business again, I have new leads contacting me daily, no more home meetings nor manufactured conversations in the supermarket, and an income I am proud of.

I am SO grateful for the online mentors I’ve grown with, because they literally saved my business and my sanity!

And today, as my mentors did with me, I devote much of my time showing others how they can take their network marketing business online and let go of everything they currently don’t like about building the old school way.

Now, if you want to build your network marketing business online, here’s what you absolutely need to know…

First of all, the benefits are MASSIVE!

  • You can generate fresh, qualified leads from wherever (and whenever) you please
  • You can end rejection forever by only talking to people who are highly interested in your offer
  • You don’t need to drive long hours, your startup costs are low, and your business works for you 24/7—without you ever having to pick up the phone!

The best part is that you don’t need to be “techie” or particularly good with computers to get started.

There are three steps required to take your business online, starting with…

Now, I know people have different attitudes as far as personal development and mindset goes.

But my advice is pretty practical.

First, you must get comfortable with the unknown.

Know that you’re not going to learn everything you need all at once, you need to be present and respect the journey.

When you go online, you’re learning a whole new skillset and that takes time. It is almost like starting a new profession.

So let me ask you this …

When you learn a new profession, what do you usually do?

Well, you go to school/University for four years.

Now I’m not suggesting that you do that, and it probably shouldn’t take four years, anyway.

However, if there was a school that taught how to build a business online, it probably would take a few months to get through all the coursework, so be prepared for a learning curve.

All I am saying is don’t try to learn everything at once.

Just focus on what’s in front of you.

Master that, implement it, and then move on.

You have to get comfortable with not knowing what’s ahead.

There’s always going to be a new technology that you don’t know about, and new skills that you have to acquire.

Keep that in mind and expect the unknown.

But the other big issue that comes up often is the ability to deal with problems and setbacks along the way without giving up.

By going online, do certain parts of building your business become a easier? 

Absolutely, yes they do!

That’s the whole point of going online—to create more efficiency, so you’re not doing things that either waste time, or you simply don’t like doing.

  • So no more driving around town to get from point A to point B.
  • No more meeting people one-on-one.
  • Or following up over and over after they’ve seen “the plan.”

​But nothing is ever plain sailing.

You’re still going to hit roadblocks and get stuck.

If you’re somebody that easily gives up when you encounter those types of things, then don’t even try to build your network marketing business.

You have to respect the new skills you’re learning

And be willing to face the tough times.

Respect means when you actually get stuck, you don’t easily give up.

You push through and become resourceful.

An important part of the equation is knowing where to go to find answers, or knowing who to ask to find answers (more on this later).

This is vital to your success.

The last thing is…

You’ve got to overcome peer-pressure

There are people that are not going to approve of you doing something that’s different from what they recommend within the company.

My upline was certainly unimpressed when I stopped doing things her way.

That’s normal.

It’s normal for people who have not built their business this way to tend to have a negative attitude.

Human beings fear the unknown, which is why the first thing I told you was: master the unknown.

It’s natural for people to fear what they don’t know

Not only is it natural to fear the unknown, it’s natural to attack it too.

Know that your upline—even if they have a massive downline—if they haven’t built a business online, then they’re talking about something they don’t truly understand.

Building a business online is completely different than building it offline.

It requires different methods and an entirely different skill set.

Building offline is something you can admire and appreciate—and I certainly do—and respect anyone that’s done it. I stuck with it for many years but since having the children it just wasn’t working for me anymore.

But if a leader hasn’t done anything online, and they’re putting it down, then they have no credibility in my book.

Respect them, but don’t give in to their doubt and fear.

But in today’s day and age, more and more leaders in the network marketing space are starting to accept that you can actually build on social media and use Internet marketing, and the proof is in the pudding.

You see people everywhere who are successfully building online.

The proof is all around you.

You don’t need the approval of anyone else

Move forward no matter what others say to you.

In my online search, I had found a community that not only provides support, but one that is able to offer advice based on my personal situation.

I’ll tell you how to receive more information at the end of this blog.

This sums up mindset:

  • Master the unknown.
  • Learn how to overcome problems (without quitting at the first sign of trouble).
  • Learn to overcome peer pressure.

Those three things will come up, but now you can be prepared.

The next thing you need is a…

You need a plan of action that you can follow step by step – like a blueprint.

Something you can reference along the way.

And there are primarily two different ways that you can build your network marketing business online.

First, there’s the…

Active social media recruiting

…which you can actually implement right away.

With social media recruiting, you honestly don’t have to learn much of anything.

All you need is a personal account on Facebook (no website required), and some sort of process—maybe provided by your upline or somebody in your company—on how to present your opportunity and turn prospects into either customers or new team members.

You only need to know where to take them, and how to process them.

You can start implementing social media recruiting strategies today to build your network marketing business.

In fact, this strategy is basically equitable to what you’d do offline, except you’re transposing the process online.

The challenge with social media is you’re always busy…

  • You’re always posting.
  • You’re always engaging.
  • You’re always interacting with people.

​It produces results quickly (and it can produce massive results), and you can duplicate it quickly, but it’s time intensive.

Most of the time…

People will move beyond simple social media recruiting stuff, because they want to create more leverage in their business and to free up more of their time.

The next level of social media is…

Passive social media recruiting

…which is about posting valuable content or information that inspires people to reach out to you and ask you what you’re doing.

Now this is something that really resonated with me, I wanted people to be contacting me directly asking…

“What are you doing? I want to learn more!”

I prefer to start the conversation with somebody when they’re reaching out.

They are coming to you—instead of the other way around.

Then you’re able to create leverage and scale. You are able to build your business in your time, on your terms.

All the things you normally would do with social media you’re now able to scale and consequently accelerate your results.

For this, you’re going to need a Facebook Business Page (aka a Fan Page) and a training and lead generation system like the one that I use.

The idea is for people to reach out to you by going to your website and submitting their information, which can happen 24/7 (while you’re sleeping or at the beach).

They are then automatically sent all the information they need to get familiar with your business.

By the time you get on the phone, they’re 90% sold!

You only answer a few questions, and they’re ready to get started.

It’s all automatic.

That’s what a “funnel” does.

This is how you can passively have prospects come into your business, every single day.

In my business, I have prospects reaching out to me daily, requesting information.

There’s no way I could personally talk to every single one of them, so I have had to create funnels and a process to be able to present offers to people en masse on auto pilot.

This allows you to take people that are brand new and fresh, and walk them through a presentation, in an automated way.

That’s essentially what I’m talking about with passive recruiting strategies (which is also referred to as “attraction marketing”).

Now, for the final piece, which is…

It would be very difficult for you to do everything I just described without some personal one-on-one help.

Think about it, when you started in network marketing offline, somebody showed you the next steps to take.

The same is true with building your business online:

You need someone to show you a step-by-step blueprint.

A mentor will walk you through everything step-by-step (so you don’t waste time) and tell you if you’re doing things correctly or not.

This immediate feedback means…

You’ll never feel insecure about not being sure what to do next

Or not sure if what you did is correct.

And hey, I know how powerful this is from personal experience.

When I first got started, I spent a whole heap of money (mostly on credit cards) trying to build my business without mentorship.

It was pretty costly, to say the least.

However, once I got the mentorship I needed, it put me on the fast track to achieving results.

​I believe you can do it too, but…

You have to make the commitment and start with the first step

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Sincerely, Emma JohnsonOnline Business Marketing Coach and Super Mompreneur!