Whether you’re a major media company or a “solopreneur,” Facebook Live is the hottest live-streaming platform available today.

It’s the single most effective method of growing your audience and exploding engagement on your Facebook page.

Now, I get that you might be nervous…trust me, I was when I first got started.


You want to grow your business and attract more people to you, right?

There’s a time to get over it and just do it.

I have people ask me, “What do I talk about?”

Well, let’s see.

What are you passionate about?

If I was doing a video for my personal page I’d talk about fitness, makeup, being a mum, travel, holidays etc.

On my fan page, I want to talk to you guys about business, help you grow your network marketing business or home based business, I don’t talk about my network marketing company because that is not my intention.

You have to know your audience, and my target audience is entrepreneurs and online business owners.

Now, here are 10 quick tips to maximize your Facebook Lives…


For me, I could send an e-mail out, if you’re on my e-mail list then you will receive something like, “Hi, going live in 15 minutes, come join me on my fan page.”

Or, if I’m on my fan page, I could just post a meme and say, “Catch me at 12 o’clock, I’m going live.”

So that’s one way you could do it, let your audience know you’re going live.

If you’re on your personal page, just do a post.

“Hi, going live, I’m going to be trying out the latest brow craze!”

Or, “How this one thing has changed my skin.”

So just whatever you’re gonna do, let them know.


So, right now I’m live on my feed, and some people are like, “Oh, who is this person?”

And other people are like, “Oh, I know, that’s Emma! She’s sitting in her car with the kids fast asleep.”

The longer the stream the more viewers come in.

I usually keep my videos, to be honest, around five, 10 minutes.

Sometimes I’ve done 15, but that’s long for me.


My hashtags are usually…

#NetworkMarketing, #Mompreneur, #WorkFromHome, #SixFigureIncome, #Mindset, #Inspiration etc.

You want to think about the hashtags or phrases around what you are talking about.

And mainly it’s network marketing.

So, do some hashtags.

I mentioned sending an e-mail to your list, if you have a list.

If you don’t have an e-mail list, you might want to think about it, or a CRM for your business.

Because, God forbid, your company closed tomorrow.

What are you going do with your customers?

What are you going to do with your people, how do you communicate with them?

How do you let them know where you’re moving to?

So, you want to think about that.

And that was something that was brought to my attention a year ago, and that’s why I started an e-mail list last year, because, “Oh my goodness, what if something happened?”


Like, “How to…“

Starting a title with “how to” is really good, because that’s usually what’s searched for.

So, my title for a video on this is, “How to Maximize your Facebook Live to Create More Engagement.”

Yours could be “How to Lose 10 Pounds in the Next 30 Days,” “How to Create a Smokey Eye Look,” or “How to Ask Without Fear.”

This is covered in detail in the Social Media Recruiting Frenzy guide… you definitely want to create some sort of catchy headline.


Usually I start of by introducing myself, I want to know where you guys are watching in from, so I say, “Comment below.”

And then I generally get right into the training.

I don’t want to stay on here for 45 minutes and waste your time, and I hope you could appreciate that.

Ask questions to encourage feedback.

I might say to you guys, on a Live, “So these are my tips so far, is this helping you? Is this helpful?”

Ask questions you want engagement throughout your video.


Shares are always great.

I always say, “sharing is caring,” so you definitely want people to share your content.

I follow these steps, I ask for engagement, I ask for people to share.

People don’t know I’m here and giving these tips unless you guys share with fellow entrepreneurs, or network marketers, or home-based owners.

Always ask for shares.


Now, do I?

No, I don’t.

I probably do a Live three or four times a week, and I do them at separate times.

But if you could do them consistently three or four times a week, the point is to just be consistent.

When I did those videos every day for 30 days, I was consistent.

Even though I couldn’t get on at eight o’clock in the morning, I did it every day, and people knew that I was there, because I was telling them, “Click on my face in the top right corner, and make sure that you’re subscribed so you catch my live videos.”

You want to do the same thing.


You can educate, entertain, and empower in a Live.

Do I do all three?

No, I don’t, so don’t freak out about it.

I really like getting out there and giving you guys the content that you need, but of course I like to have fun.

Who doesn’t like to have fun?

Find a way to put your personality into it.

Like, I’m a real person, people know me, they know I’m straightforward, and you just want to be that person.

I don’t need to do a video just to do a video; I want to bring you guys value.

Do the same for your audience as well.

9. INCLUDE A CTA (Call to Action)

Link to something; a blog article, your product page, do it!

I am linking here to our FREE Social Media Recruiting Frenzy guide, if you want check it out, if you’re looking to learn how I recruit online, on social media.

You will be taken through an in-depth system of how to connect passively and actively, and how to build out a fan page and branding.

If you want to check it out, cool, if not, no big deal.

But, I have to let you know it’s there.

Same as you, you want to let your people know that you’re linking to whatever it is that you’re talking about.


Like, share, comment.

“Make sure you like, comment, and share if you found value in this, ” that’s all you have to say.

I send people to my website.

If you don’t have a website, don’t worry about it.

If you’re just giving value around your product…

Don’t say your product name!

You could simply say…

  • “Hey, if you found value in this, let me know…”
  • “If you want to know more about the product I was just talking about…”
  • “If you want to know more about what has helped me get the weight off…”
  • “If you wanna know more about what helped my bald patch grow back…”

…or whatever it is.

Okay, that’s it!

Those are my 10 simple tips to maximizing the number of people watching your Lives.

I hope this helps!

Before you head out to try the new tips, I’ve got one last tip for you.

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Cheers to your success

Emma Johnson

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