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Success Activator

6 week course

Are you ready to activate your business success and magnetise your ideal clients, through a powerful combination of subconscious success therapy and proven social media attraction strategies.


Business Launch Accelerator

4 month group coaching mastermind

This group mastermind is absolutely perfect for you if. you are just starting out in your business and looking to see huge success in the next 4 months.


Ready to Grow to consistent 10K months?

6 month 1:1 Coaching

Want to grow your business to $10k a month or more? Grab your spot now in the Consistent Growth Generator 1:1 coaching programme (places strictly limited).

Don’t just take my word for it!

"I’m feeling really inspired and excited about the future of my company. Thanks to the work we’ve done together, Emma consistently challenges me to elevate my service and my prices, highlighting that my mindset needs to open to new possibilities. There’s so much I didn’t know and she’s expanded my world by introducing me to new ideas. I’ve noticed a deep level of confidence even from the first month with Emma that wasn’t there before. I feel more confident in myself and have moved from a “proving ground” to “just being” and knowing my value innately because I now have an offering that has a start and end goal that is truly transformative.”


Chloe Miller, CEO of AndSwipeRight


“I feel absolutely ecstatic. The systems are in place and I’m all set. It seems unbelievable how far I’ve reached with your help and support. Certainly would not have done this with so much ease without you Emma. I know I'm on the right track. I feel confident about my offer. I feel confident in putting my offer out there and I feel I will be able to do justice to the offer and my clients. Everything is streamlined. We went through the entire process effortlessly. Without you I would have been all over the place not knowing which way to go. You’ve made it so so easy. I feel sure because I have you to watch my back.”


Serena Albuquerque


Emma has provided explicit systematic guidelines, modelled steps to take, supported me to control these steps before moving onto the next piece of learning. Emma is so expert at meeting you where you are, moving you on from there at a pace you can enjoy and celebrate each new step with you


Josephine Hickman

New Zealand

Emma has helped me see my worth and being able to charge high-ticket prices. She has designed my website and helped me to understand my ideal clients. I feel so much more confident and like I have a roadmap on how to get to the next level


Jessica Gordon


I came to Emma because I needed someone to help coach me with my business, someone that could ‘kick my ass’ when I was sticking my head in the sand. I had many wheels turning but nothing was organized. Emma has changed my life for the better. She showed me a new path, tools to make my life easier and more efficient, so I could spend more time with my family. She helped me form a strategy for content and social media, get better organized and how I should structure my business around my family life. I feel more confident and relaxed knowing everything is in place. It’s not just about the business, Emma works with you as a person, helping you be the best you can be


Michelle Gomersbach


It is a no brainer to invest in Emma. What her expertise has allowed me to do now in my business has been an excellent investment

RTT Therapist


Working with Emma has made my life so much easier, she has been nothing short of spectacular. Having new clients is such a happy process now, it’s easy, effortless, professional - I love it! Thank you Emma, you have transformed the inside of my business! Super highly recommended, everyone needs an Emma on their side! Her recommendations, help, ease to work with … she is a dream come true


Cat Marshall


Emma has an innate sense of knowing just where you are at and how to clear your blocks


Libbie Walsk


I had heard from others in the RTT™ world how helpful Emma had been for them, I felt lost and not sure where to begin. Emma has been instrumental in my getting started and moving from paralysis to action. My branding is beautiful and she was able to identify exactly what I needed quickly and without any problems. I feel more confident and ready to move into accepting clients who are willing to work. I felt heard and listened to throughout my sessions. Emma really understands what I am wanting to get across and helped me to gain confidence in the next steps I need to take to be successful


Debbie Frechette


I feel so much better about my business because Emma has allowed me to expand to the next level. I would highly recommend Emma to others because she knows what she’s doing and she will help you! She starts where you are and makes the transition seamless


Carolyn Marchese


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