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The Business Launch Accelerator™ Group Coaching

Where we make business simple, fun and profitable, fast!

Confidently launch the business you’ve been dreaming about and start getting paid to do what you love within 6 months
(and have fun while you’re doing it!)

Does this sound like you?

You’re excited and passionate about what you do.
You’ve invested your hard-earned time and money to get this far.
And now it’s time to turn this daydream into a dream business.

(One with real life paying clients!)

You’ve poured time + energy into developing your skill set

But while training + certifications gave you the skills to serve your future clients… they didn’t actually tell you how to land those clients in the first place.

And without clients, you don’t actually have a business.

You’ve tried piecing together biz advice from courses + freebies

But most of that information is just swirling around your head, because without anyone to guide you or provide feedback, trying to implement what you learned feels impossible.

You have no idea where to start.

You’ve tried muddling along on your own in the hopes it’d get easier

Even though you think you’d probably figure things out eventually, doing it this way feels horrible. It’s lonely!

Between self-doubt, imposter syndrome & overwhelm, it feels like you’re pushing mud uphill.

You want to run a profitable business and start working with actual paying clients, right! – but you don’t want to spend years trying to make that happen.

What if you stopped the wheel-spinning & second-guessing… and started landing clients, happy to pay your full rates?

Now I feel like my business has no limits and can reach any potential. Emma starts where you are and makes the transition seamless. I can’t believe I have already raised my rates 3 times and I am booked out! I will be raising them again soon.

Carolyn,  USA

Time for a heart to heart …

There’s a lot of interesting “advice” about what it takes to run a profitable coaching, therapy or service based business in 2023.

But as someone who has helped hundreds of women in over 35 countries worldwide launch their own successful businesses (and built a multiple 6 figure business of my own) here’s what I know to be true…

It might feel good to launch your website, design a pretty logo or to start sharing content on Instagram… but (spoiler alert!) those things on their own won’t lead to clients.

Freebies & the University of Google can be helpful for a quick bandaid fix, but spending all of your time consuming free content isn’t going to get you any closer to launching… and I bet the overwhelm is currently sending you backwards – am I right?!

But having a simple step-by-step plan that connects all the dots (from branding & social media to systems & sales to a rock solid mindset and unparalleled support) you’ll be able to attract, convert, onboard & deliver your services to happy clients – and actually enjoy the entire process.


… and that is where the Business Launch Accelerator™ comes in

One program that provides you with the entire spectrum of what you need to launch and run a successful service-based business (from mindset to marketing, sales to systems) and most importantly, is designed to meet you where you’re at: giving you the information you need, when you need it, minus the fluff so you stay free from overwhelm and keep taking consistent, confident action.

Most importantly, you won’t be doing it alone.

Expert guidance?  

Live coaching calls? 

Supportive community of amazing entrepreneurial BFFs? 

Sara Nativi

“It’s not just about the business, Emma works with you as a person, helping you be the best you can be.”

– Michelle Gomersbach


Sara Nativi

“Emma has provided explicit systematic guidelines, modelled steps to take, supported me to control these steps before moving on to the next piece of learning – I am so thrilled.”

– Josephine Hickman

Beautiful Minds Hypnotherapy, NZ

“Emma has provided explicit systematic guidelines, modelled steps to take, supported me to control these steps before moving on to the next piece of learning – I am so thrilled.”

Josephine Hickman –

Beautiful Minds Hypnotherapy

Sara Nativi

The Scalable Success Blueprint

This framework is the backbone of the BLA™ and your ticket to building a business you love as quickly as possible, free from unnecessary stress, overwhelm or burnout.

Because, while running a business isn’t rocket science, it also isn’t easy (despite all of the “influencers” and “gurus” who tell you otherwise!) and without a roadmap that connects all of the dots, most entrepreneurs quit before they get the income and impact they know they deserve.

Step #1 Foundations

Establish the essential foundations for scalable success by figuring out exactly what you want to achieve, who you’re here to serve and how you’re uniquely equipped to help them. Then protecting your time, energy & assets by setting boundaries and laying the legal foundations for your business.

Step #2 Mindset

Unleash your success mindset and start being the most successful version of yourself by removing blocks and limiting beliefs, deepening your self-worth. Then creating a Success Mindset Toolkit you can reach for whenever you need it so you can overcome any obstacle or challenge and stick with this for long-term success.

Step #3 Strategy

Create a strategic business model, sales + marketing plan that allows you to attract dream clients with ease, set your pricing on your terms and keeps you in your zone of genius so your business isn’t just profitable, it’s also fulfilling, fun and able to create the lifestyle you desire.

Step #4 Systems

Develop systems to streamline, save energy + create consistency so you’re not wasting time and energy on busy work, can maximise your profits, and feel calm knowing everything is running smoothly even as you get busier.

Step #5 Support

Surround yourself with the right people to support you in the most effective way based on where you’re at in the journey so you drastically speed up your growth and unlock your next level while making the entire process feel simpler, lighter and more ease-filled. (Psst: just by joining BLA you’ve already got most of your support system covered!)

Breathe. It’s all about to get so much simpler!

Having a framework to follow means you can stop throwing spaghetti at the wall (or staying stuck in overwhelm) and start taking consistent action on the *right* tasks. Which, before you know it, has you waking up to enquiries from qualified leads & getting testimonials from clients whose lives you’ve changed!

If all of this has been sounding like EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for, then I’m beyond excited to invite you to join The Business Launch Accelerator™ Group Program.

The Business Launch Accelerator™ is your ticket to replacing overwhelm, self-doubt and wheel-spinning with aligned action so you can stop dreaming about becoming a successful business owner and actually become one.

So What Can You Expect In the Business Launch Accelerator™?

This Value-Packed, 6 Month Group Program Includes everything that you could possibly need to Successfully Launch your Profitable Business:


The BLA™ is an intimate 6 month group coaching container for coaches, therapists and service-based business women, that combines a proven, step-by-step curriculum (the ultimate New Entrepreneurs’ Playbook!) with expert coaching, a supportive community and all of the resources, templates + tools you need to fast track the process of launching your business and generating consistent income.


6 months Group coaching

Group kick off coaching session
4x Live group coaching calls per month

(option to upgrade to VIP for
extra 1:1 coaching)


Supporting resources

Organisational templates
Sales page template
Social Media post templates
Branding and Marketing Workbooks
Success Tracker

Continual support

Group coaching portal
Slack channel for group support between sessions for the duration of the programme

+ Bonuses!

They did it and so can you …

Sara Nativi

When I started working with Emma I didn’t understand how marketing worked, I knew nothing about branding, design, websites, attracting clients … Emma had a very efficient and patient way of explaining things to me and guided me exactly where I wanted to go. It turned out to be amazing. Just what I wanted and I am thrilled to share that my business is growing and flourishing by the minute. I couldn’t be more grateful to her.

– Sara Nativi

The Food Freedom Therapist

I’ve gained a huge amount of confidence since being part of this programme. The clarity I have now is unbelievable. It has saved me so much time and the struggle of figuring everything out by myself. It is well paced for me and gave me enough time to think things through. I have peace of mind knowing it’s all shaping up well and the foundations are strong. 

– Serena Albuquerque

Success Redesign Coach™

Sara Nativi
Sara Nativi

I’m feeling really inspired and excited about the future of my company. Thanks to the work we’ve done together, Emma consistently challenges me to elevate my service and my prices. I’ve noticed a deep level of confidence even from the first month with Emma that wasn’t there before. I feel more confident in myself and I know my value innately because I now have an offering that is truly transformative. If you are thinking about this program, just do it, you won’t regret a second!

– Chloe Miller

Founder and CEO at And, Swipe Right™

The curriculum at a glance:

✨  Manifestation and Activation Workshop
Don’t just dream about it, activate it. Set yourself up for success and bring it to life.  This incredible module is packed full of conscious and sub-conscious mindset exercises including my powerful money magnet mini RTT® activation session. (Value $497)

✨  Defining Your Ideal Client
No more feeling like you need to work with anybody and everybody, because you are stuck in a scarcity mindset, you will be calling in your perfect, ready, reliable and resourceful clients with ease. (Value $497)

✨  Identifying your Niche, and Mastering Your Elevator Pitch
… so that you can position yourself as an authority and attract client ready, willing and able to work with you (Value $497).

Define your Packages, Offers & Pricing
… in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd and has your ideal client banging down your door to work with you, ready to pay in full at your new rates! (Value $297).

✨  Content Creation
Learn how to write and automate your social media posts in a way that feels authentic and aligned and has your ideal clients eager to purchase from you. Craft your high converting sales page to promote your unique offers. (Value $997)

✨  Social Media Marketing
Setup or update your social media platforms to organically attract your ideal clients (Value $297)

✨  Branding and Design
Stand out online with a clearly defined brand strategy, step by step tutorials to define your aligned logo, colours and fonts and create your on-brand social media templates in a matter or minutes  (Value $697)

✨  Website, Lead Magnet and Email Strategy
Define your powerful lead magnet and set up your Email automation system to attract and nurture your raving fans and clients, craft your powerful website copy and know exactly how to structure your pages to convert your ideal clients into paying fans (Value $997)

✨  Automate your client onboarding and Business Processes
Define and build out your client onboarding workflows so that you can confidently support them throughout their journey with you, without you having to remember and juggle everything. Discover how to create more time in your day buy automating your day-to-day business tasks (Value $497)

✨  Set Yourself up for Scalable Success
Get hands on support from my Executive Assistant Erin and be clear on how to take on support in your own business. Understand what tasks can be outsourced and how to get the help that you need to grow and scale your business (Value $500)


✨  Templates and Swipe Files
Take the headache out of setting up your business systems, get your hands on exclusively designed offer templates, email swipe files, social media content prompts and so much more (Value $497)


Guest expert trainings, social media post templates, sales page templates, technical and systems training, mindset strategies, resources and recommendations and so much more (Value $1499)

Yes yes yes, I can hear all the “buts” coming up for you right now saying “I’m not techy” “I’m not a designer” etc. etc.

When you’ve spent most of your time developing skills to help your clients, it can feel overwhelming to have to take care of all this behind the scenes stuff too. I get it!
And I’ve created some extra special resources for you to help.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Bonus #1 – The Content Generator Tool

The content generator tool is your ticket to never having to worry about what to post, meaning it’ll save you hours (as well as your sanity) and has the potential to land you countless clients as long as you just use it!

Bonus #2 The Canva MasterclassES

Learning exactly how to create your own gorgeous, on-brand graphics, social media banners/headers, lead magnets and workbooks with these in-depth masterclasses + shortcuts cheat sheet to save you precious time (and headaches)!


Bonus #3 Trello Magic

Get your hands on powerful Trello board templates that will help you to plan, run & market your business efficiently – from tracking clients through to planning content and even managing your day-to-day tasks and projects like a super woman!


Bonus #4 Guest Expert Training

Don’t just take my word for it, get exclusive access to hand picked guest experts in the exact areas that you may need support. Plus some really special offers and resources to boot.

Hello my name 

Emma Johnson

… your go-to expert for simplifying success, creating business systems, strategies and automation combined with a rockstar mindset that will have you launching, growing or scaling your dream business successfully in no time.

I have over 20 years experience building international businesses online and helping women realise their entrepreneurial dreams working from home around their family commitments – yep I am a mum of two energetic little boys and proud business women.

I grew my own coaching and therapy business to multi-6 figures in less than 12 months and my programs consistently sell out – did I mention that I have done this without spending a cent on advertising.

I’m a bit obsessed with the BLA because it’s exactly what I *wished* I had when I was first starting my business.

This amazing 6 month group program exclusively for therapists, coaches and service-based business women came about because I was tired of seeing such talented individuals struggling to turn their qualifications into thriving businesses.

After working with over 350 amazing women in the last 18 months alone helping them overcome their blocks and overwhelm with niche, branding, visibility, social media, attracting clients, systems, automation etc etc etc it became glaring obvious that generic courses or DIY options just don’t cut it if you want to see a return on your training investment quickly.

Whilst watching videos, trying things on your own and scouring the internet for options works for some, the ladies that I work with are not interested in trial and error, they want to know what works (because it has been tried and tested already), they want guidance specific to where they are at right now, and the unique business that they want to create, and they want to know that they can have support and feedback on every step that they take. There is ZERO guess work when we work together!

Within the next 6 months you will have …

Nailed Your

ideal client, niche, signature offer & your uniqueness

so that you’re positioned to stand out from the crowd. No more stumbling over your introductions you will have a polished elevator pitch you are proud to share anytime, without missing a beat!

Your perfectly Priced offer

a lead magnet, irresistible offer, sales page and strategic sales process

that makes generating, nurturing and converting leads feels fun and easy – plus makes you feel like the confident professional you were born to be!

Authentic Brand

identity paired with strategic website content

written and ready to share with your future dream clients so you can confidently invite them to work with you and start hearing the “cha ching” as the sales roll in. (No more giving your work away for free!)

Client workflows

a professional, automated onboarding process

for clients that allows you to stay calm, organised & free from overwhelm while making your clients feel special so they become lifelong superfans.

An Action Plan

A simple, sustainable & EFFECTIVE marketing plan

so you know exactly what to post, when to post and how to post in a way that gets you found by the right people, stand out in their newsfeeds and get their attention (without yelling!) – without spending a cent on ads!

Absolute Clarity

confidence & self-belief in your flourishing business

knowing exactly what steps to take to achieve your goals in a way that is Intentional, Aligned & Manageable™, (Say goodbye to imposter syndrome, self-doubt, procrastination and overwhelm!)

Don’t just take my word for it!

It is a no brainer to invest in Emma. What her expertise has allowed me to do now in my business has been an excellent investment

RTT Therapist


“I feel absolutely ecstatic. The systems are in place and I’m all set. It seems unbelievable how far I’ve reached with your help and support. Certainly would not have done this with so much ease without you Emma. I know I'm on the right track. I feel confident about my offer. I feel confident in putting my offer out there and I feel I will be able to do justice to the offer and my clients. Everything is streamlined. We went through the entire process effortlessly. Without you I would have been all over the place not knowing which way to go. You’ve made it so so easy. I feel sure because I have you to watch my back.”


Serena Albuquerque


Emma has helped me see my worth and being able to charge high-ticket prices. She has designed my website and helped me to understand my ideal clients. I feel so much more confident and like I have a roadmap on how to get to the next level


Jessica Gordon


Working with Emma has made my life so much easier, she has been nothing short of spectacular. Having new clients is such a happy process now, it’s easy, effortless, professional - I love it! Thank you Emma, you have transformed the inside of my business! Super highly recommended, everyone needs an Emma on their side! Her recommendations, help, ease to work with … she is a dream come true


Cat Marshall


Emma has an innate sense of knowing just where you are at and how to clear your blocks


Libbie Walsh


I had heard from others in the RTT™ world how helpful Emma had been for them, I felt lost and not sure where to begin. Emma has been instrumental in my getting started and moving from paralysis to action. Emma was able to identify exactly what I needed. I feel confident and ready to move into accepting clients who are willing to work. I felt heard and listened to throughout. Emma really understands what I am wanting to get across and helped me to gain confidence in the next steps to take to be successful.


Debbie Frechette


This can be you too!

(includes bonus 1:1 coaching call worth $500)

USD $3333*

*+GST for Australian Residents

GBP £2575*   |   AUD $4899*


(Payment Plan Option)

USD $599*

*+GST for Australian Residents

GBP £465*   |   AUD $875*


 Take your business launch to the next level and work privately with me. I am opening up a few spots to work with me 1:1. Get my eyes and expertise on your business every step of the way. If you are looking to launch and grow fast this is the perfect option for you.

✨ 1x private kick-off intensive*

✨  12 x 1:1 VIP coaching calls

✨ 6 months (M-F) direct access to me via our private Trello Board

✨ exclusive, personalised resources specific to your stage of business

✨ PLUS  ….  The Entire BLA group coaching program

SAVE $$$$ by paying in full

(*includes bonus 1:1 kick off strategy call)

USD $5555*

*+GST for Australian Residents

GBP £4500*   |   AUD $8200*

Flexible Payment Option



USD $999*

*+GST for Australian Residents

GBP £800*   |   AUD $1500*

Still scrolling before enrolling?

Here’s questions past students asked before saying “hell yes!” to the program!

I don't have a business yet, is this programme suitable for me?

Absolutely, we want you to be able to hit the ground running as soon as your qualifications or offers are ready to go.

This programme will set you up for immediate success with clear, step by step guidance to get everything right from the beginning.

So good bye to frustration and overwhelm and start making back that investment in your training right away.

I am not in Australia how will that work for my timezone?

I have clients in over 35 countries worldwide and aim to allocate coaching times to suit everyone.

The core modules are all prerecorded and you will be able to watch them at your own pace.

If you are unable to attend a live coaching session, the replays are uploaded to the learning portal so that you can watch them back at a more convenient time. You can submit questions to me to be answered on the live calls and you will also be able to ask your questions in the community in between calls.. 


We have got you covered.

What if I can't make one of the coaching calls?

You can submit your work in advance and we will go through it live on the group call. Calls are recorded and added to the training platform if you aren’t able to make it live, so you can catch up at. atime that is convenient to you.

Will I have to do Facebook Lives or run Ads?

No you won’t need to run paid ads of any kind, the strategies I teach are all organic. They are the same strategies that I have used to build my own multi 6- figure coaching and therapy business.

Regarding Facebook lives this will depend on your ideal clients and also what is in alignment for you, they’re certainly not 100% necessary, infact if that is not the buying style of your ideal client then why would you use them?

This is a big investment, how do I know it is worth it?

My clients come to me because they have been struggling to make their business profitable with what they have been doing up until now.

If making this work now is important to you, then investing in a mentor is key.

If you do not mind how long it takes to do it at your own pace, then Google is your friend.

I guess the big question is can you afford NOT to invest in expert help and guidance? But don’t just take my word for it. There are heaps of testimonials from happy, thriving clients.

Do you have a refund policy or guarantee result?

Have you ever heard the saying you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink! Well the same is true for learning!

At the end of the day, your success is determined by your commitment and determination. It is up to you to show up, do the work, apply the advice and be the best version of yourself.  Then the rest will slot into place.

If you enjoy my teaching style, and feel drawn to this program, then that is your answer.

But if you are hesitant or looking for a magic bullet, or someone to do everything for you, then this is not the right program for you.

This is a 6 month commitment, we do not offer refunds! This is a positive, action packed programme with success and return on investment as the primary focus. If you are already thinking about refunds then you are letting the Universe know that you don’t think you have the ability to achieve your goals, and that is just not true!

By purchasing this program, you agree to pay your full balance in the manner and timeframes agreed.

What if I have another question?

No problem, just drop us an email to emma@emmajohnsonandco.com and we will be happy to answer that for you.

I’m ready to make a success of my business!

SAVE $$$$ by paying in full

(includes bonus 1:1 coaching call worth $500)

USD $3333*

*+GST for Australian Residents

GBP £2575*   |   AUD $4899*

Flexible Payment Option



USD $599*

*+GST for Australian Residents

GBP £465*   |   AUD $875*


 Take your business launch to the next level and work privately with me. I am opening up a few spots to work with me 1:1. Get my eyes and expertise on your business every step of the way. If you are looking to launch and grow fast this is the perfect option for you.

✨ 1x private kick-off intensive*

✨  12 x 1:1 VIP coaching calls

✨ 6 months (M-F) direct access to me via our private Trello Board

✨ exclusive, personalised resources specific to your stage of business

✨ PLUS  ….  The Entire BLA group coaching program

SAVE $$$$ by paying in full

(*includes bonus 1:1 kick off strategy call)

USD $5555*

*+GST for Australian Residents

GBP £4500*   |   AUD $8200*

Flexible Payment Option



USD $999*

*+GST for Australian Residents

GBP £465*   |   AUD $875*

I can’t wait to work with you like this xxx