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Hi and welcome, I'm Emma Johnson! 

I am here to make sure that you become the wildly successful individual you were born to be. 

As a professional Business and Mindset Transformation Coach, I help you conquer your inner demons and master your mindset. You can have the confidence, certainty and unshakeable self-belief to turn your dreams into reality and positively change the world!

Born in Germany, I moved to the UK when I was a teenager.

I spent a lot of my 20s and 30s travelling the world in my corporate roles as a translator, business consultant, recruiter, teacher and trainer. 

I now live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband Dominic, our two amazing boys Tobias (6) and Maxwell (3) and our loveably crazy dog Benson!

My entrepreneurial journey began over 15 years ago. In my mid 20s, I quickly built up a solid Network Marketing business alongside my Corporate IT consulting day job using the traditional business building methods that I had been taught – home parties, meetings, getting out and about speaking to everyone etc.

However, when we started a family these methods no longer suited my lifestyle. I wanted to be at home with my boys. It was then that I researched online strategies and aligned myself with the mentors I work with today. My business is constantly evolving and the methods that I use now have completely transformed my business and mean that I genuinely "work from home". Using the internet I now have prospects contacting me daily.

I have been recognised internationally, built global organizations and multiple sources of income by leveraging the power of the internet. I now mentor others to do the same with my online coaching resources and programs.

Success has been no accident.

I have had to overcome rejection, negativity and my own fears, all of which have made me stronger and more determined. I put my success down to the sheer volume of training and personal development that I have undertaken over the years and have made it my mission to ensure that every single person that I work with gets the same level of support.

In the strategies I teach, I show you that when you do the deep inner work on yourself and apply it to your life and business. It is entirely possible to juggle family life and create a wildly successful business in a short space of time. As long as you are willing to invest in your personal development, work hard and have a willingness to learn, I will inspire you to take action and grow your business with confidence.

I now dedicate my time to educating Entrepreneurs, Home Based Business owners and Network Marketing professionals, just like yourself, on how to expand your business and brand online without alienating yourself from friends and family.  The methods I use are proven.

"I believe women severely underestimate themselves these days! Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see ladies start their entrepreneurial journey, nervous and unsure and then blossom into confident and professional individuals".


To help women conquer their inner demons and master their mindset so that they have the confidence, certainty and unshakeable self-belief to turn their dreams into reality and positively change the world.

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