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Hi, and welcome, I’m

Emma Johnson

… Online Business Success Coach, Certified Life Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Practitioner, Advanced Hypnotherapist and Social Media Attraction Marketing Expert.

I’m here to help you move your business forward with purpose and confidence, so that you become the wildly successful individual you were born to be.

If you are questioning the direction your business is headed – if you feel like you have lost motivation, and if, at times, you’ve thought about calling it quits – I completely understand.

When I was younger, I’d stifle my talent and my creativity so that my peers wouldn’t see me as I was. I have had to overcome rejection, negativity and my own fears, all of which have made me stronger and more determined.  

The same qualities that make me a successful businesswoman made me the target of severe bullying during my school years and early career. What I learned from that was how extremely resourceful, creative and resilient I am. It’s been hard to grow out of that but I now embrace those qualities!

I have single handedly built a thriving multi six-figure online business organically, and now help coaches, therapists and service-based entrepreneurs across the globe to achieve these results for themselves in their life and business.

Success has been no accident!

To become the woman I wanted to be, and believed, at my core, that I could be, I needed to address a few obstacles: my subconscious beliefs, emotional baggage, imposter syndrome, self-worth and self-belief issues. I had a LOT to untangle. It wasn’t always easy. But it was so worth it.

I put my success down to the sheer volume of training and personal development that I have undertaken over the years and have made it my mission to ensure that every single person that I work with gets the same level of support. 

Born in Germany and brought up in the UK, I have had some incredible life experiences, from working on multi-million dollar projects all over the world, growing three international businesses from my computer, studying as a yoga teacher, consulting, coaching, teaching and becoming a mum to name but a few!

I have now settled in Australia with my husband Dominic, our two amazing boys Tobias (7) and Maxwell (4) and our loveably crazy dog Benson!

I would not have made it here if I hadn’t prioritised deep inner work. Overcoming subconscious mindset blocks and emotional baggage was the KEY to becoming the best version of myself. That’s how I KNOW the same is true for you.

As your hypnotherapist, business strategist, branding expert, and tech guru, I can help you transform your business from the inside out.

I believe women severely underestimate themselves these days! Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see women start their entrepreneurial journey, nervous and unsure and then blossom into confident and professional individuals.

In the strategies I teach, I show you that it is entirely possible to juggle family life and create a wildly successful business in a short space of time. As long as you are willing to invest in your personal development, work hard and have a willingness to learn, I will inspire you to take action and grow your business with confidence.

Together, let’s:

  • Reclaim your mindset and remember your purpose in a therapeutic setting. 
  • Build beautiful branding materials that support your new direction online.
  • Attract the right clients with focused, organic, attraction marketing strategies. 
  • Get clear and organised with your back-office, tech and automation solutions so that you’re ready to grow on your own.

Let’s do this work together.

I can’t wait to meet you.

My Personal Mission

To help women conquer their inner demons and master their mindset so that they have the confidence, certainty and unshakeable self-belief to turn their dreams into reality and positively change the world.

Certified Business Start Up specialist